The MTV Generation

     I saw a picture from the simpsons where Lisa and Bart mentioned being a part of the MTV generation, actual MTV with music videos though not teen mom (which I still love). Anyway, she said they have no highs or lows, it’s just kinda meh.
     I think that was translated through the fashion at the time as well. A “I care about how I look, I just don’t necessarily care how you think I look”. A try without trying attitude that I really admire, one that I think is important but has been lost a little. I’m not trying to imply that this era was the only one to host this ideology, I just think it was loads more prominent.
    Anyway, I thought I’d give the fleeting inspiration a chance to help me make something and yeah, here it is.
The MTV Generation

River Island white tank
$28 –

River Island highwaist shorts
$38 –

Vintage booties

The row sunglasses

Petals and peacock


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