I Spy Festival Fashion

To coincide with my festival fashion outfits 🙂
Really quite perfect.

i of fashion

Festival is a celebration of the eclectic fashion tastes.

So summer season has kicked off with a bang of trends, and an explosion of colours all packed into one particular look, ‘Festival’.

Yeh, I love it!!!!! For me, it was exactly the mix up of clothes I had already decided to go for to express myself over the summer months (big thumbs up from me)!! I mean what is the Festival look really all about if not, hippy, boho and rock, right??? So, I didn’t need to flap about too much trying to secure an entire wardrobe of clothes, which would allow me to feel comfortable about wearing them.

Or, did I??????

I have looked around, and I realise I have been avoiding something. Whether on the streets or the pages of any glossy fashion magazine (which let me state, I don’t buy, merely ‘browse’ online if I feel inclined)…

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One comment on “I Spy Festival Fashion

  1. bbhough says:

    Hey, many thanks for the reblog!!! I really appreciate it!! Cheers, BB

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