Dark Faery Royalty

Dark Faery Royalty

I like dark and mysterious things. People always associate darkness with evil but I like to think of it as unseen wonder. I imagined a certain naivety hidden in mystery.

I picked the dress because it’s flippin’ gorgeous and has the look I was going for: dark and beautiful and graceful without looking weak.

I chose a heeled bootie because I like them lol.

I wanted simple jewelry to accent the grace in the outfit. I chose the thin bangles because they’re more elegant. I chose the feather ring because it matched the detailing of the dress. A watch is important because modern cinderella knows how to keep track of time on her own. I chose this particular watch because it’s a double threat: Beauty  and Efficiency. Like me 😉 (when occasion calls for it).

For the make up, I thought natural with an emphasis on the eyes was best. The white on the inside corner of the eye adds an innocence to the sultrier black eyeshadow and liner. In my head, it’s almost just like the picture of the eye, just without the hint of red underneath.

Black nails because no other color seemed to fit but I wanted it more elegant. So, a matte finish with a glossy tip seemed perfect.

Finally the hair, I wanted it up off her face but also sweeping. So like casually elegant. As if being so gorgeous is effortless. Holla!

And of course a clutch, can’t go anywhere without a bag, and this clutch just ties in so nicely.

I know, so much black and gold. Now usually I don’t like the whole matchy-matchy color scheme thing, but every once in a while I like it. This is one of those whiles.

Jimmy choo

Astley Clarke bangle bracelet
$130 – astleyclarke.com

Kevyn aucoin

Too faced cosmetic
$38 – asos.com

Nars cosmetic

Mac cosmetic
$30 – debenhams.com

Estée lauder

Butter london


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