Fairy Dust

So, when I think of the cloak of invisibility I think of how I want my music to be received. By that I mean, this enveloping span of fabric that covers you and blends you into the environment. You meld, you’re a fly on the wall. It’s awesome. But, what’s best is that you feel safe completely surrendering to that journey, to exploring the environment from this heightened advantage of access. I want it to be like hypnosis. Like a haze you breathe in and out. Like a blanket you fall into. Like the best sleep, ever. Like, Fairy Dust. So here you have it. Some fairy dust, for the lost souls. May it serve as a beacon to you, calling you out of your world and into Neverland. Where you never grow old or bitter and the only bad in the world is evil itself, and evil is well known and never confused for good. Where good fights their demons, together.


Where I will continue to post my music 😛


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