She/Her/Me: Self Medihated

Self Medihated (click for movie 📽)

A short film I made for Senior Project about someone who doesn’t want to hate themselves anymore.


My Designs

I’ve finally decided to share my designs, I’ve always been really scared because these are my babies and they took time and concentration which is like very difficult to give when it means less sleep. I know it’s been a really long time but this has been the craziest year and it hasn’t gotten any less crazy, I’m just tired of waiting to put them up. The outfits I draw are basically based off of what I want to wear. I’ve been working on these for a couple years. Because I’m not like an actual designer, I just like making outfits, what happens is I get frustrated not having the clothes I want for a completed outfit or I see someone with cute pieces but I don’t like how they were arranged or put together. There aren’t that many, this is really a hobby of mine based off an intense interest. So there’s not a lot that came out well enough to show people. Butttt, here they are anyway.

Rock Out to Taylor Swift in Keds

Rock Out to Taylor Swift in Keds


Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom

Ugg australia
$105 –

Assorted Faux Fur Throws

Chamonix Velvet Chocolate Armchair
$985 –

Luxe Faux Fur Blanket

maui arc lamp

Bird Lamp Bookends Set of 2

Hey Sign – Rug, rectangular
$285 –

Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars

I really need this.


You are going to hate me for giving you this recipe. Either that, or you’ll want to erect a monument in your town square. Possibly to me. More likely to these peanut butter bars. They are amazing. In every way. Totally easy. 5 minutes into the pan, no baking easy. Sinfully delicious. I am not kidding. I want to eat the entire batch and I’m normally not really a peanut butter/chocolate girl.  I know. I’m crazy. I must have been dropped on my head as a child or something. It’s a flaw. I’m sorry. Does it help that I loooooooove these?

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