The Shannara Chronicles

Just a brief reaction I had which led me to an out of body learning experience.



So I’m watching the Shannara Chronicles…on my cell phone because my Wi-Fi is just not wit it… whatever, it’s irritating. Anyway, girl and dude are riding through the forest all boo-ed up on the horse and I’m like wow #single. It’s so hard out there for a romantic. Like, let me just say, it’s Austin Butler, okayyyyy. Like, It’s Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries. Admittedly, not as cute right now in this world, but I figure that’ll change once the plot thickens. So, please, I’m already high key interested in this show. Then he stops my entire world when his character points out what they’re passing in the forest. He says- I’m slightly paraphrasing but- “don’t you ever think about how the ancient humans were able to build such incredible things?” And I’m like whaaaa??? I had to pause it. Here I am thinking this is some alternate reality, you know? It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with my reality beyond plotline relatability. Except stop, there are pieces of cars and wrecked helicopters covered in forest brush. Girl (I don’t know her name yet) is soo apathetic. Just, “don’t know, don’t care wtf, they’re dead, that whole civilization is done, since they’re the ones who could make that stuff and we can’t, why does it matter then? Moving on.” (Now that was hugely paraphrased.)


So, then, at this point, I’m truly blown because, is that not how ancient civilizations are looked at as a whole? I mean there are others, specialists, people who never stop going to school but,for whom, instead the research “goes down” out in the field watching nature react to the unknown to teach them about how the world works.; the scientists, the doctors, the psychologists, etc. Like, the pyramids, do you really understand how they were able to do that? Or toilets before plumbing?! I don’t, like I know the plumbing thing was linked somehow to the word aqueduct… and this could genuinely just be me, I could be lacking in the lust-for-all-knowledge department, I don’t think I am, but totally possible. Anyway, isn’t that crazy, a whole way of life, day-to-day survival and mundanity? They have an entirely different perception of boring; do they even know what shoes are? Do they hold the same vital necessity? These elves? Do they even understand that piece of metal on the ground was once in the air? Isn’t that crazy? I think that’s insane. I love that these thoughts come to me when I watch television. You can always find a new way to look at the world and it’s so exciting, you start to see everything from a different perspective. Supah fun. Hopefully in this world, I can look forward to the possibility of the other realm revealing itself to the humans so we can live in harmony.