So! I’m going to merge my wordpress accounts. It’s just my life now, no more compartmentalizing and filing aways parts of myself. I promise not to be too random, but I AM random, so, like…whatever. Anyway, I’ve been writing and my wifi is so wack it’s insane. (Yeah. I said wack). I’m gonna post some stuff I’ve been meaning to post for a while and some stuff I’m working on now. So, 2016, here’s to being better. To promoting myself and my endeavors. Here’s to keeping the promises we make ourselves year after year. Here’s to growing everyday. Here’s to the New Year. It’s going well so far, don’t you think?

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I’m serious. I’m declaring it right now to anyone who has or will happen across my ramblings… it’s forreal now.



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Find my youtube page in my last post of my Hotline Bling remix.